Being committed to God's inspired and authoritative Word, it is the mission of Soldotna Bible Chapel to EXALT the Lord, EDIFY the body, and EVANGELIZE the world.



Exalt God

The worship of God is crucial to our very existence as believers and the gathered church. It fundamentally shapes and motivates everything we do. Not only do we worship in song and the overall Sunday gathering, but we respond in loving worship because Jesus first loved us. Thus, it affects our very lifestyle and philosophy of church.

Edify Believers

To edify means to build up, and it is the mission of the church to edify believers to personal holiness in Christ. Furthermore, it is the mission of the church to equip believers for the work of the ministry together as Jesus' body on earth.

Evangelize the World

Jesus ascended to the Father over 2,000 years ago, leaving us with the Great Commission to make disciples (learning apprentices) of all nations. Thus, we collectively seek to evangelize (literally to spread the good news) the world with the good news of Jesus. We serve to see Jesus use us to build His church (universal and local) through the multiplication of disciples who will in turn make more disciples.


9:30am Sunday Worship; 11:00am Sunday School (all ages); 6:00pm Sunday Evening; 6:05pm Wednesday AWANA (school yr.); 6:15pm Wednesday YOUTH (school yr. & some in summer)