Tim and Barb Woods

Ometepec, Mexico

P.O. Box 11855, Lynchburg, VA 24506



Children: Nathan, Josh, Andy & Susie

Serving in Ometepec, Gro. Mexico


Work with Christian Evangelical Churches in Mexico, training them in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions.  

February 2012 email:

Here in Ometepec the ministry continues to grow and praise the Lord for the new leaders which are raising up.  We still keep doing many of the same things but pray they are better done now.  Every year we analyze to see if they are still serving as  useful ministries and make adjustments accordingly.  The sports has grown as we are reaching 40 young people and 40 adults plus 20 5th and 6th graders.  It continues to be a great outreach, reaching these youth and young men.  The church has maintained and has had some growth and now is at the point where new leaders are stepping in.  Our 2 Sunday morning services and weekly Bible studies are touching souls with the message and families are changing by His power.  The camps are very useful in  evangelism and discipleship for the youth.  The hospital chaplaincy continues as an outreach to the sick and hurting with God’s message.

Prayer Requests

- Pray for evangelism activities, VBS and Bible Clubs.

Personal Note

-We would love to have you write us! Our family email is: woodministry@gmail.com.