Solid Rock Bible Camp

Solid Rock Ministries, Inc. is a recognized Alaskan approved faith mission with the purpose of evangelizing, teaching, and training all ages the Word of God through year round camping programs.   For 53 years we have helped campers get to know God by spending time in His Creation. 

Solid Rock Bible Camp seeks to deal with campers in areas of their spiritual needs, encouraging each camper to make a definite commitment to Christ, and to grow into mature Christians. Solid Rock seeks to develop the camper mentally and physically through a varied program of activities using the out-of-doors environment and socially through cabin group living. 

Solid Rock Bible Camp is a semi-decentralized camp using both the speaker and the counselor to carry out the camp philosophy. There are pre-planned large group activities such as chapel time, field day, etc. and small group activities such as counselor Bible studies and overnights. The spiritual emphasis is felt through the whole day, and in each activity there is opportunity for campers to learn Christian principles and to practice living Christ-centered lives.

The Lodge at Solid Rock Bible Camp

The water front at Solid Rock lake