Get Involved in Missions through PRAYING!


Get to KNOW Our Missionaries and Organizations!

Educate yourself about our supported missionaries and organizations so you can actually pray specifically for them.

1. CHECK OUT our LOCAL Missions Page to learn how to pray!

2. CHECK OUT our GLOBAL Missions Page to learn how to pray!

3. PRINT out some of those missionary pages from the web or the missions wall (either your own printer or from the missions wall to the church office), and then learn and pray!

4. MESSAGE our missionaries from their pages and either ask how to pray or ask to be added to their email list!

*NOTE: If messaging our missionaries from their page, include your email so they know how to respond (especially if sent from our mission wall iPads).

Other Ideas for Prayer:

Choose a missionary family to "adopt" for you and/or your family.

* Make regular contact with a missionary family.

* Get your kids involved, maybe having them reach out to missionary kids.

* Send care packages in response to needs and prayer.

* Be on their newsletter list, and be up to speed on their updates and happenings.


Make a Missionary Prayer Jar:

* Write missionaries' names on popsicle sticks and place them in a container (like a Mason Jar).

* Make a regular practice (maybe in the evenings) of drawing a stick and praying for that missionary family that day.