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Peter and Sara Bastke

Peter was born in Norway and grew up in Germany where his parents worked with the Torchbearer Bible Schools and other ministries.  Sara was born in Petersburg, Alaska.  Her parents served with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Ecuador, Ethiopia, and with other aviation ministries in Alaska and Canada.  Both Peter and Sara made decisions to be followers of Christ at a young age and wanted to become missionaries, like their parents.

After completing his schooling at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, Peter attended Capernwray Bible School in England.  He then came to the United States to study Mechanical Engineering Technology at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas.  Several years later he completed a Master of Science Degree in Air Transport Management at City University in London, England.  Peter has a multi-engine airline transport pilot certificate and is type-rated on the B737, CRJ-900, SAAB340 and B1900 aircraft.  He also is an experienced airframe and powerplant mechanic with a current inspection authorization.

Sara attended the Torchbearer Bible School in Sweden.  She then studied at California Baptist University in Riverside, California where she completed her degree in education and got her teaching credential.  Later she received a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at Gonzaga University, in Spokane, Washington.

Peter and Sara met in Port Alsworth, Alaska where he worked as a pilot and mechanic for two years.  The experience in Alaska helped prepare him for serving as a pilot in remote locations.  Shortly after their marriage, they joined Mission Aviation Fellowship and went to Papua, on the island of New Guinea in Indonesia. With his previous seaplane experience in Alaska, Peter was soon asked to assist the Borneo program for a year. One of the highlights of his ministry was delivering a baby next to the float plane dock.

A conflict in Central Asia resulted in a need for humanitarian aviation.  Peter and Sara lived and served in Kabul, Afghanistan for the next two years.  While Peter continued to work in aviation, Sara taught English and World Geography to Afghan women who could not go to school during the Taliban occupation.

As world attention for humanitarian projects shifted to other locations, the Bastke family was asked to go to Mali, West Africa to work with Sahel Aviation Service.  Three times a week Peter flew from the capital Bamako to Timbuktu and served the missionaries there with various projects.  The political situation continued to deteriorate following a coup and most of the missionaries were forced to leave that location.  The Bastke family continued their ministry with Flying Mission Service in Gaborone, Botswana.  Peter served as Manager of Safety and taught African nationals at the Flying Mission Service maintenance school. 

In September 2014, Peter was asked to become the Director of MARC.   

Peter and Sara are blessed with four boys, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Josiah, and Samuel.


January 2018 Update

January 2018 Update