Get Involved in Missions through GIVING!


The Chapel's Regular Budget

Soldotna Bible Chapel structures it's general fund of the budget for missions already. Currently, 22% of our general budget goes to our supported missionaries and mission organizations - local and global. So when you give to the Lord through your regular church offerings at the Chapel, know that 22% of your moneys go to our missions partnerships!

1. Give to the General Budget Here (select "General Fund")

2. Give Specifically to Missions projects (above the 22% general slice) (select "Missions Fund")

3. Give to our Monthly Sunday School Offering (various mission projects with our missionaries) (select "Sunday School Offering")

Owning it More Personally

Another great way to give to missions is to get more personal in your giving. If you are led to contribute specifically to one of our partnering missionaries or organizations, please feel free to connect with them directly through their pages on our site (Local or Global). Send them an email through the web or our church missions wall asking how you can support them personally. This is a great way to take more direct ownership in missions for you personally or even as a family!