Defining Moments Video

Defining Moments Video
A few weeks ago Pastor John shared a video from Billy Graham ministries that followed the stories of three individuals as they came to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Below is the included video. Below the video is the link to more information on Billy Graham's site.
If you are watching this video and seeing your personal need for Jesus, please don't hesitate to call us at the church for any questions!

Doctrine Study Questions

 Download Pastor John's Call to Ministry and Doctrinal Statement Here

Download a Copy of the Doctrine Questions (Below) Here

Bibliology – The Doctrine of Divine Revelation

Define and distinguish inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility.

What were some of the criterion used for accepting a book as inspired Scripture? 

How would you respond to someone who denied the inerrancy of the Bible based textual variants (the fact that no two manuscripts agree entirely)?  

Distinguish between special and general revelation.

How would you defend a literal account of creation as recorded in Genesis 1-3?

Define and discuss the doctrine of illumination


Theology – The Doctrine of God

Defend Trinitarianism

What is the difference between God’s moral attributes and His non-moral attributes?  Give an example of each.

How would you respond to someone who says, “If God is love, then why do bad things happen to good people?


Christology – The Doctrine of Christ

Defend the deity and humanity of Christ.

What is the significance of the incarnation?

To what does the Kenosis refer?

What is a Christological theophany and give a Scripture reference.

What does the resurrection of Christ signify for the believer?


Pneumatology – the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Scripturally defend the deity of the Holy Spirit.

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in conversion?

What does it mean to be baptized by the Holy Spirit?

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

How would you respond to someone who argued that the charismatic/miraculous gifts are still active today?  What Scriptures would you use?


Anthropology & Hamartiology – The Doctrines of Humanity and Sin

What does it mean when the Bible says that man is created in God’s image?

Contrast the dichotomist and trichotomist views of man.  Which way do you lean and why?

Biblically, how do men and women differ?

Where did sin originate?  What are the universal and individual consequences of sin?

How would you defend that people are sinful not only in their actions, but also in their nature? 


Soteriology – The Doctrine of Salvation

What is the gospel?

What must a person do to be saved?  How is the Lordship of Christ tied to this discussion?  Is repentance essential to conversion?

Define and defend the doctrine of the Atonement.

Define and defend the doctrine of regeneration.

Define and defend the doctrine of justification.

Define and defend the doctrine of sanctification.

Define and defend the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints.  What passages are essential in this discussion?

What is Arminianism?  What is Calvinism?  Respond to each view.


Ecclesiology – The Doctrine of the Church

What are God’s requirements for church leaders?  Can a man be an elder who has been divorced in the past?

What is the difference between elders and deacons?  Defend and define the role of a deaconess.

What is the proper process for church discipline?  What circumstances or situations warrant beginning this process?

What’s the difference between Old Testament Israel and the New Testament Church?

What components constitute a New Testament Church as opposed to simply a gathering of Christians?

What is the role of women in the church?

What are the ordinances prescribed in the New Testament Church?  What is the proper way for administering these ordinances?  

What do you believe is the primary purpose of the local church?


Angelology & Eschatology – The Doctrines of Angels and Last Things

What are angels?  Why were they created?  Who is Satan?

Do you believe Christians can be processed?  Oppressed?  

Discuss the binding of Satan?  How would you respond biblically to the charismatic teaching on the issue?

Discuss the various millennial positions (Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, and Premillennialism).  

Define and defend the rapture of the church.  What are the various views? 

Give a general timeline of end time events. 


Practical Theology

Can a Christian be possessed or oppressed in any way by a demon?

What does it mean to “give the devil a foothold” (Eph. 4:27)?

If a Christian asked you what the Bible teaches about divorce and remarriage, what would you tell him/her?

If someone asked you why your church kicks people out, how would you respond?

If someone asked you why your church doesn’t have women preaching or teaching adult classes where men are in attendance, what would you tell them and what passages would you use?

If a Christian asked you if they have to forgive someone who doesn’t ask for forgiveness, how would you answer?

How would you defend the existence of God to an atheist/agnostic? 



Urgent Need for This Hope

Bretheren - what a great opportunity for This Hope's home church to be a blessing!  Sunday Morning (11/20/11), we'll be taking a love offering to help our boys stay on the road.  Let's give them an extra blessing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!  Pastor John

Greetings from THIS HOPE.  We wanted to let you know about an urgent financial need.  We just learned that we have to replace the entire engine in our bus at a cost of $40,000.  In the past, we have been able to absorb unforeseen expenses like this, but we are not able to cover this cost at the present time.  We are praying in faith that the Lord will provide the needed funds for us to purchase a new engine, and even put us in a more solid financial position to begin the new year. 

We're sharing this need with you for two reasons.  First, we ask that you would join with us in bringing this before the Lord in prayer.  Above everything else, we want the Lord's will to be clearly demonstrated, and His glory to be magnified in this situation.  While this expense has the very real potential to bring our traveling concert ministry to it's conclusion, we also don't want to miss out on how He might provide beyond all that we could ask or imagine.  

With that in mind, we are also asking that you would prayerfully consider how you might be able to help us.  We don't want anyone to take away from their existing financial commitments to the local church or any other Christian ministry.  We're asking that you seek the Lord's face, and consider how He might direct you to help us continue moving forward.  If the Lord guides you to participate in this need, you can make out a check payable to THIS HOPE, and send it to the address listed below.  We also have a secure online webpage where donations can be given via debit or credit card: 

THIS HOPE is incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

There will be a 6-8 week turn-around time for the engine replacement which will start whenever we are able to place an order for the new engine at an initial cost of $20,000.  We will be traveling in a 15-passenger van until the bus is fixed, so please pray that the Lord will keep us physically strong and healthy during this grueling season.  We currently have 21 concerts scheduled over 22 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas day.  Due to the change in our transportation, we've had to modify our travel plans, and adjust concerts in order to effectively minister throughout this time.

Thanks for your faithful support over the years.  We look forward to see how God will direct in the days to come.

Mailing Address:

This Hope
1061 Deer Hollow Dr
Woodstock, GA  30189

Wild at Heart – NOT

But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.  Titus 2:1

Here at the Bible Chapel, we take these words of Paul seriously.  We want to make sure that what we teach the congregation is sound – that we teach what the Lord reveals to all of mankind through His Word.  We don’t want to teach our people our thoughts, our opinions, what sounds good – instead, we want to teach the truth!

Unfortunately, Wild at Heart is a book that does not ‘accord with sound doctrine’.  Frankly, much of it is a mixture of “psychobabble, blockbuster movie plots and open theism.”  Pastor Jim found these reviews of this book to share with SBC.

We want you to know this because a new book by the same author is coming out. Initial reviews show that this new book – Beautiful Outlaws – is just more of the same.  There are groups in the area currently studying both books.  While I don’t question the motives of the author or those who support/study these books, a quick glance will show that these tomes are not in ‘accord with sound doctrine.’  Please be kind but cautious here. 

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood. Acts 20:28


SBC has been blessed with a houseful of brand new furniture.  It is great stuff – new beds, couches appliances (stainless steel), artwork, dishes, etc.  We are going to sell all of it – every last stick of furniture – and use the proceeds to bless our supported missionaries! 

Below, you can find a list of auction items.  Pictures of the majority of items can be found here –

Here are the rules:

1)      Silent Auction – bids will be accepted after the SBC business meeting the night of 10/16.  Items will be in the SBC Gym.

2)      Bids will be done in person only

3)      Bids will be accepted through 9:00 PM Sunday night.  Bids will also be accepted beginning at 10:00 AM Monday morning.  All bidding ends at 6:00 PM on Monday. 10/17 – no exceptions.

4)      Winners will be notified by phone on Monday night 10/17.  The winners must contact the church back by 10:00 AM Tuesday 10/19.  If we do not hear from you, the next highest bidder will be contacted.

5)      All items MUST be paid for AND moved from SBC by 5:00, Tuesday, 10/18.  If you can’t get it out by then, please do not bid

Feel free to tell your friends about this – this is not a secret.  We already have friends from other churches who want to come out and bid.  Please pray for a successful auction!

House Donation Itemized Inventory for Soldotna Bible Chapel

October 2011

  • Round glass top table approx. 40 in. diameter with black wood frame, and four wood chairs
  • Two Small side tables - same black wood
  • Small entry desk of same black wood
  • Large upholstered burgundy color chair with matching ottoman
  • Matching glass dishes, glass salad bowl, 7 small salad bowls - Boxed
  • Set of 4 green design dishes – plates, salad bowls, plastic glasses, 6 cups and a pitcher – boxed
  • Fish dishes and green misc. 6 plates, 2 green plates, 8 fish bowls, 7 fish cups, 4 tan bowls, misc, matching bowls, electric knife – boxed
  • Nice wood bench with slate plate back trim
  • Three End tables with slate plate covers
  • Two coffee tables with slate plate covers
  • Feather dream catcher
  • Large upholstered and leather sectional couch with decorator pillows
  • Two brown metal decorator candle sconces – wall mounted
  • King size bed frame with pillow-top mattress and decorator pillows 
  • Nice wood desk stand/cabinet
  • Narrow tall table
  • Nice upholstered beige rolling chair
  • Night stand with matching wood
  • Queen size bed frame with pillow-top mattress and decorator pillows
  • 2 Blue ceramic lamps
  • Night stand table
  • Large rectangle wood table with six tall matching chairs
  • Upholstered fish design couch and chair with ottoman
  • Small oval mirror
  • Various wildlife pictures in frames
  • Large shelf wood living room cabinet/table
  • Metal boat lamp
  • Wood end table
  • Three large area rugs
  • Never used Frigidaire side by side stainless steel refrigerator
  • Never used Whirlpool, 5 burner, gas, stainless steel range
  • Never used Frigidaire dishwasher
  • Never used stainless steel microwave,
  • Three regular size bed frames with mattresses
  • Two blonde wood night stand tables
  • Two large chests of drawers blonde wood
  • Paisley shaped glass and wood table
  • Dark wood bed with frame, mattress, head-board and foot board
  • Very large dark wood chest of drawers with mirror
  • Large dark wood chest of drawers
  • Dark wood night stand
  • Futon with metal frame and canvas cover
  • Metal coffee table with Plexiglas top
  • Two metal stools
  • Four floor lamps, brightly colored one, brown one, Alaskan, transom,
  • Large mirror with wood frame
  • Boxed table – never opened
  • Various fake plants in basket containers
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Outside rectangle metal deck table with 4 chairs
  • Lots of pottery pots and decorations
  • 5 horsepower Briggs and Stanton boat motor
  • Never used – electric battery trolling motor
  • Outside deck gas grill, chair, and table
  • Two nylon fishing chairs
  • Boxes of Misc.:
  • Lots of new bath towels
  • Sheets, placemats, storage containers
  • Nice various throw rugs
  • Paint, primer, etc never used
  • Dish network receiver and remote
  • Several panels of drapes and rods
  • Extra sheets, shams,
  • Twin down comforter and matching shams
  • Men’s clothes size large
  • Women’s clothes size 12 and 14
  • Much misc. household items of everything