Reflections from Bethel

My heart and mind are full of thoughts since our move to Bethel last week. I look back on this past year and rejoice in everything God led us through. What a privilege to serve our sovereign God! The events leading up to our move as well as the actual move truly boast of God's orchestration.

Since hitting the ground in Bethel, I am eager to get plugged in reaching people for Jesus! However, life and ministry in this context doesn't always move quickly. Laura is transitioning into her new job, and her schedule works well for our family and ministry goals here.

While there are several ministry opportunities to get involved in this summer, we are carefully praying through what will best unify with the vision God has given us. 

The primary area of focus I wish to exalt for prayer is the Gospel's work across our state. There are so many villages that desperately need passion and unity over the Gospel. I'm not talking about a superficial, "yeah, I prayed that prayer as a kid gospel." What I am burdened for is the authentic Gospel that literally redefines life, period. What remote Alaska desperately needs is a move of God that grips His people here to the core with the gut-wrenching, radical, missional, culture-shaping, freeing, victorious, powerful, Jesus-exalting, self-abasing, unifying, authentic Gospel.

I feel a little like the apostle Paul in Corinth in Acts 18:10 where God assured him that He had many that the Gospel would reach in that region. What confidence Paul had in declaring the Gospel. Likewise, what confidence we should have in our God's work of salvific drawing in our own contexts! Jesus is building His church, and He will not let even one of the Father's chosen sheep escape redemption! (Matt. 16:13-19, Luke 15:1-7, John 10:1-21)

May we have the confidence and faith to pray for God's continual work across our own context in Alaska!


For the Spread of His Fame,