Evil shows that God is

Evil shows that God is

This post deals with mature topics. 

I have been following the trial of Jerry Sandusky with more interest than most people in the area. (He was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse of minors – the details are unpleasant and are not helpful in this context)  Some of that has to do with the fact that the trial took place in Pennsylvania, near my aunt’s house.  Some of that has to do with the nature of Mr. Sandusky – he and Joe Paterno were minor demigods in the area where I grew up.  If they were at a football game, scouting players for Penn State football, it was a big deal.

To see the details from the trial was sickening.  Further details that came out after the trial about Mr. Sandusky’s relationship with his adopted children were even more sickening.  The man will spend the rest of his life behind bars, which is good but will not heal the victims.  He will have to answer to his Maker – I pray that Mr. Sandusky knows Christ and that his sins were paid for on the Cross of Calvary.

An interesting sidelight, however, has been the (justifiable IMO) moral outrage over the crimes that Mr. Sandusky committed.  People know that a wrong was done (BTW – so did Mr. Sandusky – why else did he commit his crimes alone in the basement or in the showers after hours? John 3:19).  There has been much outrage over the crimes and why no one did anything.  The question I am asking is – why?

Why are people who believe in moral relativism so upset?  Those who say that we make our own right and wrong are angered over Mr. Sandusky’s choices of right and wrong.  I believe that their anger comes from the imprint of God on their heart (Romans 2:14-15).  There is a right and wrong.  We know that.  We did not makes it – we live by it and when we see gross actions that violate this sense of right and wrong, we get angry.

Where does this sense of right and wrong come from?  God.  Where does this anger come from?  God.  The same anger that burns against this sin burns in the heart of God against all sin – were it not so, He would not be a good and just God.  Evil has been defined as the absence of good and of God.  The fact that evil is – and our passionate reaction to evil – shows us that God is.