The Symbol of Marriage

For those blessed enough to live under a rock and never watch/read the news, the latest cultural skirmish is about a law on the books in Indiana that codifies religious freedom.  Supporters of those with ‘alternative sexual preferences’ fear that this law will allow for discrimination against this group of people.  The flashpoint for this harrumph was about a caterer refusing to work for a same-sex wedding.

With that as a backdrop… I read an interesting take on this from a secular source.  The author indicated that the caterer/restaurant in question was being hypocritical because they would not serve at this wedding but they would help out the same-sex marriage by providing food to the couple as they lived out their ‘married lives.’  The author says that the owner protests the symbols of gay marriage but help out the substance or marriage – the day-to-day living together that is married life.

It is amazing how much of God’s law is written on our hearts (Rom. 2:15).  The author is right – the wedding is a symbol of marriage.  I shiver involuntarily when I see a couple spend upwards of $50,000 to get married, yet fail to get any pre-marital counseling or anything else to help them meet the life that follows the ‘I do’, the wedding cake and the honeymoon.

But what we as Christians must know is this:  our marriages are also a symbol – a picture of Christ and His bride (Eph. 5).  Marriage is one of God’s witnesses to an unbelieving world about Himself.  Marriage spans all cultures and eras – a sign that can be clearly seen by all showing how God cares for His people.  Complitarianism – the idea that men and women are different in function but equal in value – is a key idea lost upon the world but is a sorely needed correction to the biases of today.

The battle for ‘same-sex’ marriage was lost by this culture when divorce (which God hates – Mal. 2) was freely available and socially acceptable.  I pray that the church stays true to the symbol and that all of us strive to preserve and care for what God has joined together.  Pray for your marriage and the marriage of others.  Seek to improve marriage as in institution and the individual marriages that you know.  Give grace when possible and give God glory at all times.  Finally – remember that the light will shine brighter as the backdrop gets darker.  (BTW - It will get darker - evens, come Lord Jesus...)