Easter Eggs, Pixar and God

Recently my family went to see the new Pixar movie “Brave”.  (Sorry, no spoilers nor recommendations from me.) While there, I was reminded of my mother’s axiom – cartoons are not made for kids, but for grown-ups.  She was commenting on my fondness for Bugs Bunny at the time, but the same holds true for Pixar.  The animation in “Brave’ is wonderfully done, with a beautiful, rich Highlands backdrop – a quality that most kids simply overlook for various reasons.

Another thing that I like about Pixar is the many ‘Easter Eggs” that they place in each one of their films.  In modern media, an “Easter Egg” is a ‘hidden’ message, usually a joke known to the creators of the movie.  For example, every Pixar movies has a pizza delivery pick-up somewhere in the film.  Even the medieval “Brave” had the 20th century pick-up truck hidden in the film.  It is a subtle note placed in the movie by the creator of the movie.

As I dig into our VBS curriculum, I am reminded of the same thing: The fingerprints of God are evident in His creation.  If you know Him and know where to look (like an Easter Egg), you can see a subtle message hidden in the creation by the Creator.  The whole of creation points to a loving, careful, wonderful Designer - one who created you and loves you with an everlasting love

Through the history of the Church, God has been seen in His creation.  Martin Luther writes:

Now the whole creation is a face or mask of God. But here we need the wisdom that distinguishes God from His mask. The world does not have this wisdom. There it cannot distinguish God from His mask. When a greedy man, who worships his belly, hears that "man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4), he eats the bread but fails to see God in the bread; for he sees, admires, and adores only the mask. He does the same with gold and with other creatures.

And from John Piper:

God means for us to be stunned and awed by his work of creation. But not for its own sake. He means for us always to look at his creation and say: If the work of his hands is so full of wisdom and power and grandeur and majesty and beauty, what must this God be like in himself!

These are but the backside of his glory seen through a glass darkly. What will it be to see the Creator himself! Not his works! Not even a billion galaxies will satisfy the human soul. God and God alone is the soul's end.

If you like Pixar movies, enjoy the Easter Eggs (A-113, John Ratzenberger, etc.).  More importantly, seek out the gems of creation and use them to better worship the Creator – your Creator and hopefully your Savior - Jesus Christ.