And they will say, “Come, behold the works of God who multiplies his wonders upon the children of men!” – Psalm 66:5

I hope you were able to watch the Northern Lights from the last solar storm. In Soldotna, they were visible @ 1:30 in the morning – I set my alarm to get up and see them. It is always a spectacular sight and my heart was moved with gratitude.

However, something else moved my heart even more. In order to get a better look at the skies, I drove my younger two children out from town (about 2 miles). There, we could see auroras that were calendar-picture quality. When I pointed them out to my son and daughter, they each said the same word independent of each other – ‘Wow!’

That word gave me such joy – to see my children beholding the majesty and power of God – to together worship Him with that simple exclamation of praise. My prayer for them, for me and for you is that we all maintain that wonder in our hearts at the power, goodness and love of our saving God. I hope God shows you something that will make you say ‘Wow!’ like a child.


Do you think we’ll be saying ‘Wow’ in heaven often? What will you say when you finally see your risen Savior face to face?