Letter to Corinth... Jesus is Your Identity!

Well, in the Koinonia young adult group we just wrapped up our 6 month study in 1 Corinthians. Wow, what a great book! If you haven't lately checked out Paul's letters to the church at Corinth, maybe you should. We found this first canonical letter to the Corinthians to be extremely relevant for us the church today! In a world racked with moral depravity, God redeemed a people to Himself. Think about the most morally deprave city in our modern world, and equate that to Biblical Corinth. Is it possible for God to redeem a people to Himself out of a place like Amsterdam, Las Vegas, or some city in Thailand where moral depravity is extremely prevalent? Yes, absolutely! Just like God did in Corinth, God is quite capable of redeeming a people to Himself out of deprave contexts. Furthermore, living out the Gospel's implications as a follower of Jesus amidst an outright morally deprave culture presents itself with some intense challenges. Such was the case for the early Christians in Corinth. Much of Paul's letter to them in 1 Corinthians revolves around pointing them to their identity in Jesus amidst a sin-enslaved and obsessed world.


1 Corinthians… an awesome letter highly applicable in our modern church context!


Check out the basic chapter content of 1 Corinthians in this summary handout!