Movie ratings

I hope all of you that came out to the Bible Chapel’s showing of the movie Courageous had a great night.  My family did – we thought it was an awesome movie!  While I enjoyed the cinemaphotography, the ending where men were challenged to serve their families was absolutely the best part of the movie.

The very beginning threw me for a surprise, though – a PG-13 rating.  Now I am not going to say that the movie did not have moments of violence and talked about drugs – after all, when you discuss sin, some unpleasant details usually follow, even in Scripture.  No, what threw me was the realization that my 12- and 10-year old children would not be allowed to see this movie in a theater without an adult, yet other movies that are far less redeeming lack that filter.

We need to have filters on out entertainment.  The question, Christian, is what filter do you use?  Do you use the world’s filter of G, PG, etc.?  Or do you do the hard work of digging into the media, analyzing the content against the Bible, and use that – along with your knowledge of your family – to make entertainment decisions?  The latter requires much more work, but brings about much bigger blessings – kinda the theme of Courageous, no?


P.S. – A resource my family uses to help with these decisions is by Focus on the Family – give it a try!