Malachi - God's Plan for the Ages and Our Part in It

Well, last night the Koinonia small group just wrapped up our study in the book of Malachi. What a great book! God urges His people to return to Him; to correct their lives in areas where they were headstrong set against God's clear commands. Some of the specific issues in Malachi include apathetic worship regarding half-hearted forms of sacrifices and offerings, flippant attitudes and actions toward the marriage covenant (both spiritually before their God and literally in the marriage relationship), and a neglected obedience to financially give to God's work. Throughout Malachi's rebukes, he includes sections of God's future judgment of sin and deliverance of His people.

Malachi predicts the coming of another Elijah-like messenger (identified as John the Baptist) to prepare the way for God-in-the-flesh (Jesus), Who will initiate some of the future prophecies that Malachi declares. Malachi ends in chapter 4 with a look toward the future. Sometimes we get caught up with life and forget that God is active in working His plan of redemption in our world. As Malachi declares, God will intensely judge sin upon His future return. Sin is serious. Redemption is offered. God is on mission to redeem a people of His own, identified and hidden in Jesus' very righteousness. God's people in Malachi's day and God's people today can take great confidence that our Redeemer God is on mission to fulfill His plan for the ages. What a privilege it is to simply be a part in it all!