Sunday Night Reflections – July 3, 2011

AM Service – The Confrontation of Grace – 2 Samuel 12

  • David’s sin was humbling.  Do you see your sins as humbling, or do you make excuses before God and man?
  • When he realized what he had done, David was broken under the weight of his sin.  Have you ever been there?  Did you meet God there?  How did He respond?
  • David worshiped God after he experienced God’s grace.  How do you respond to God’s grace?
  • After the death of the baby, David’s next son (Solomon) was called Jedediah (v. 25) – beloved of the Lord.  David knew that God loved him because of God’s discipline in David’s life.  Can you say the same?


PM Service – Spiritual Warfare or Heresy? – 1 John 4


  • The Apostle John warns us not to believe everyone who claims to preach/teach Biblical truth.  Do you test every teacher/sermon against the Scriptures?
  • “Just because something miraculous happens doesn’t mean you should get on the bandwagon with their teaching” – Pastor John.  Do you know people who would do this?  Would you?
  • Jesus Christ à fully God and fully man.  To teach otherwise is to teach heresy (v. 2).  Do you believe this truth about Jesus Christ?  Do you see this teaching today in the world/media?
  • “If you tell the world what they want to hear, you’ll gain a crowd.” – Pastor John.  How do you respond to a teaching/sermon that hits ‘close to home’ – one that you do not want to hear?