Good News

Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed reading the newspaper.  My Dad’s cousin was the editor of the little daily where I grew up, so I never knew when my photo would appear.  Later, I would intensely study the box score from the Pittsburgh Pirates game or get a meandering account or our local high school football teams ‘almost wins’.  The comics still make me laugh, but other parts are so sad and full of immature opinions.  No, not the letters and opinion pages – I talking about Dear Abby. 

I confess that I still read the advice column.  Unfortunately, the advice is so worldly that it makes me sad.  I think that you or I could give better, Biblical advice that would help people much more than Abby could.  Dr. Laura sure does and people flock to her show! 

Jesus, however, resists giving advice – probably because he is not here to give self-help advice or to push religion.  As Tim Keller puts it, Religion is all about advice – do this to live better & get right with God.  The Gospels, however, are Gospels – Good News.  The Good News is information.  God has made a way, through Christ, to bring us back to Him.  We don’t have to do anything.  The advice that religion gives misses the point – the work was done by Christ, not us.  That is the Good News that we can share! 

Luke 4:43 - But (Jesus) said to them, I have to give the good news of the kingdom of God in other towns, because that is why I was sent.  (BBE)