Our Central Passion

Wow! It is yet another gorgeous day on our part of the Kenai Peninsula! As I drove into town this morning, my mind raced to many random thoughts.

"Wow, I can't believe how awesome today's weather will be! Mount Redoubt looks quite grand as I drive up and over the hill near Forest Lane. Man, look at all the boats being pulled everywhere! I wonder how many people are still here from Anchorage? I wonder if the fish are reaching Sterling yet? It sure would be great to get a good batch of fish right near where we're currently living! Maybe I should try to fish in Soldotna today? Wow, look at all the traffic! Nothing like yesterday, that truly was crazy! What a gorgeous day God has graced us with once again! It's really like this part of the state comes alive as the epicenter of life and activity during this time of year! Everyone seems totally consumed with getting fish. It all looks fun, and I hope to get in on some of it maybe this evening!"

Where is mind directed toward this day and week? I was thinking about all the busy activity on the Peninsula this month. For many, the outdoors and fishing literally form their main passions--they live for it. What do you literally live for? If you at all like the outdoors and fishing, then undoubtedly you will be passionately involved in many activities these next several weeks.

As we are involved (sometimes very busily), may we ponder our heart's central passion!

Yesterday, Pastor John broke open God's Word in Psalm 63. As I continue reflecting on the words from David's heart in this Psalm, I can't help but see how far I fall short. I mean, do I really deeply thirst for my God with the intensity we read in David's words? David wrote, "O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water." (Ps. 63:1) Do we like David in verse 5 truly find our soul's complete satisfaction in our God? Do we like David have a confident, worshipful assurance in our sovereign and mighty God?

What's my point? May God truly deepen our dire thirst and completely confident trust in and for Him! May our thirst for our God infiltrate our minds. May our thirst for Him literally form the perspective from which we view all of life--family, church, work, fun, etc.

As we are busy in our involvement with all the outdoor activities, may we recall this thirst. Think about it as you drive around our town. Look at the passion that envelopes people this time of year. I'm not saying this passion for the outdoors and fishing is necessarily wrong, but as believers our passion and thirst for God should pale in comparison to all other passions. So, get out this week and enjoy God's incredibly beautiful creation! Get out and get some fish for your table and freezer! Through it all though, consciously allow David's thirst in Psalm 63 to penetrate your mind and deepen your own thirst for our Redeemer God!

Happy Fishing!

PS: See below for a related video clip of a reading of Psalm 63.