Sunday Evening Reflections – 7/17/11

Thoughts from the Sunday AM and PM Services - 7/17/11

AM – Thirsty for God – Psalm 63

“In the wilderness, the believer will run to Who they know to be their only rock of refuge.”  Where do you run when you find yourself in the ‘desert’?

“Get your eyes off of you and starting praising God for who He is!”  Does your everyday talk at work/home/school focus on God or your problems?

True thirst for God is marked by earnestness, remembrance and praise.  In your latest/current trial, are you seeking God earnestly?  Do you remember how God has helped you/others in the past?  Are you praising Him in the storm?

PM Service – Our weapon – The Word – Ephesians 6:17

“God gave us the Bible to know Him.”  How well do you know God?

“The word is our source of victory!”  Where are you looking for victory in your struggles?

“Using the last 30 days as data – is the Bible a priority in your life?”  Pastor John asked us this question.  How does your life answer?