Sunday Reflections - July 10, 2011

Reaching the culmination of a several week message series, Sunday morning Pastor John covered Psalm 51. As we reflect back on David's heart of contrition in light of last night's communion service, may our own awareness of our sin bring our hearts to the same place. 

What "place" is that? The place that David's heart was brought toward; brokenness, humility, and quite simply, worship. As we've visually been recalling the backstory to Psalm 51 in 2 Samuel 11 - 12, we've clearly seen a regular man wrestling with his own innate desires. We've also been reminded of David's well-known title: "a man after God's own heart." 

Well, we may not find ourselves in the same calling in life that David walked. While not many of us are held responsible to lead an entire nation, God does indeed gift us with intentional responsibilities. Each of us are called to be a reflection of our Redeemer God in all we do. Each of us are gifted intentionally by our God for a purpose. How are we doing at living and using the calling and giftedness that God gives in our own lives?

As we've been reminded, we continually must wrestle with our own sin desires. David lost sight of God's plan in living out his own calling. Yet, even through David's lust, deception, and violence God still graciously worked His sovereign plan for David. God's miraculous grace shines forth through God's response to David's humbled heart of brokenness and worship.

This week may we recall David's words from Psalm 51. When we do sin, may we realize the full gravity of that sin before our Holy God! As we just reflected on the Lord's Table last night, may we realize that sin, our sin, cost Jesus His life.

God dealt with His servant David with incomprehensible grace and mercy. Likewise, God deals with us with incomprehensible grace and mercy! Do we really see that? May we remind ourselves this week of our God's indelible work of grace! May it drive us to our knees in humility, brokenness, and worship!


Grace and Peace,