Post Radical Thoughts

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As I continue to ponder our Lord's radical calling to follow Him, I am humbled and broken over the significance of such a calling. I pray that the passages we peered into yesterday spoke for themselves (Matt. 13:44-46, Lu. 9:57ff, Lu. 14:26-33). I pray that God continues to use His Word to propel us forward for the Gospel and God's redemptive purposes in our lives! As my attention the last few weeks was directed toward Jesus' own words regarding discipleship, I was left very convicted. I felt compelled to lay before us all yesterday the very radical calling that our Redeemer God beckons us towards in the incredible Gospel. It I believe, is a calling that we collectively as the church fall so often short of fulfilling.
Even now as I ponder Jesus' calling, am I really willing to forsake all to follow in His steps? I mean really? Can you say that you would literally lay it all out there for Jesus? I pray that I can say that! I pray that you can say that too!
God's grace is amazing! The good news is so very precious, and we must not lose sight of it's preciousness! May we all continually allow God to amaze us with His grace and goodness. May we all continually allow God to lead us and humbly submit to His calling as He directs us throughout this journey called life.
In His Indelible Grace,